Felt Flowers, Step by Step

Felt flower pin in pistachio with vintage button, embroidery and beads
Step One: I use my hand cranked Studio diecutter to cut 3 pieces of wool blend felt.




Step Two: I remove the flower shapes I designed from my custom made die.
Step Three: I spray the shapes with starch.
Step Four: I press a crease in the center of each petal. (This is the tedious part of the process, music helps.)
Step Five: I sew each of  the 4 layers of felt in place, rotating each one to alternate with the one below.
Step Six: I sew on a vintage glass button that I purchased at the California State Button Show. Picking out the buttons is the most fun part. I have a huge stash of vintage buttons.
Step Seven: Here I use embroidery floss to add rays radiating out from center of flower. The embroidery needles are very sharp!
Step Eight: In which I sew small white pearl beads onto the petals. I almost always lose some beads in this process.
Step Nine: The last step is sewing a bar pin onto a matching circle of felt and sewing the circle onto the back of the flower using a neat blanket stitch. Now the flower is finito. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section. Grazie.

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