California Spring Flowers

Ceanothus flowers in Golden Gate Park
Old police call box was almost hidden in the huge ceanothus bush.
Orange poppies
Pink succulent flowers

















I have been enjoying the wildflowers and not-so-wild flowers that are now growing here in San Francisco. Ceanothus is an early bloomer here.  I accompanied my husband on a photo trip to Golden Gate Park. There was a sudden sun shower and the lighting was just perfect for taking photos of flowers.

While shooting photos of the ceanothus, I noticed an ancient police call box hidden among the abundant blooms. I don’t know when they stopped using these. The blue color of the box blends in well with the ceanothus flowers.

We drove to the Queen Wilhemina Tulip Garden by the windmills. Poppies and tulips were in bloom in beautiful colors.

I think that the small pink flowers belong to hen and chicks, a type of succulent.

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