French Ribbon Wild Roses, Step by Step

Wild beach rose French ribbon pin



I thought it would be interesting to show the step by step process I use to create these wild beach roses out of French wired ombre ribbon



Step one, create the petals


Step One: cut 5 lengths of ribbon and fold in half. Use a running stitch across the width of ribbon 3/16″ below the halfway mark. Pull to gather ribbon and wrap thread around and knot. Then refold ribbon with ends meeting and repeat running stitch just above the ends.



Step two, sew the petals
Step three, add stamens




Step Two: Sew the petals onto a piece of crinoline. Sew them overlapping into a tight circle.



Step Three: poke a hole through the crinoline in the center of the petals. I use the African porcupine quill in the center of this photo to poke holes and to push things into place. You can also see my collection of vintage stamens. For these roses, I use two crossed bundles of yellow stamens which I fold in half and sew around, then pull through the hole and sew them onto back of crinoline.

Step four, frayed center



Step Four: I cut a length of narrow silk satin ribbon and fray one edge. I roll up the frayed ribbon and sew through the bottom of the ribbon, then sew the roll into the middle of the stamens.

Step five, leaves




Step Five: Sew 3 or 4 “Man in his kimono” leaves from green wired ombre French ribbon and sew onto the crinoline under the petals. The link here is to the book The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling, who taught me all these wonderful things.

All the parts



Step Six: This photo shows all the components and a completed rose. I trim the crinoline and sew a circle of felt with a brooch bin or hair clip onto the back of the crinoline.

Wild beach roses




I took this photo of wild beach roses in Marblehead, MA. You can find my wild ribbon rose pin at my Etsy shop.